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Нealth resort Kvitka polonini

Sanatorium Kvitka polonyny (санаторій Квітка полонини)

is one of the best health resorts or sanatoriums in Ukraine. It is located directly on the springs of Luzhanska mineral water famous not only in Ukraine, but beyond its borders as well.  Use of mineral water Luzhanska for medical purposes has been a long and ancient tradition. It gained its recognition under the names of Margit and Erzhbet when in 1775 Austro-Hungarian Academy of Science recognized chemical qualities of the water.  It had begun to export the bottled mineral water to different parts of the Austro-Hungary and other countries. Our health resort continues and expands these ancient traditions. Mineral water Luzhanska 7 received a number of awards.    (санаторій Квітка полонини) is located in a picturesque setting, on the banks of the river Penya, 280 meters above the sea level. From the north and east it is protected by the Alp Mountains with its beautiful meadows and deciduous forests.    Climate is mild with an average temperature of +10°С - +12° С ( Unlike other resorts, Kvitka polonini utilizes three types of hydrocarbonate sodium carbonated mineral water - Luzhanska №4 and   №7 (similar to Borzhomi and Vishi) and Polana Kvasova - for medical drinking prescriptions, natural mineral water baths, intestinal and gynecological treatments, trans-duodenal treatments and inhalations.    Directions for use:  • chronic gastro-intestinal illnesses (gastric, duodenum, pancreas, liver, gall-bladder) • type 1 and 2 diabetis • chronic kidney and urinary tracts illnesses • changes in metabolism (obesity) • vegeto-vessel dystonia • cardio-vascular, central and peripheral nervous system, muscular-skeletal system.   features include mineral water pump room, classical massage, water massage, manual therapy, psychotherapy, laser therapy, dental care, physical therapy, bowel cleansing procedures, natural mineral water baths, ozocerite, phyto-bar and so on. Onsite diagnostic centers include endoscopy, ultrasound, laboratories, irido-diagnostics, etc. A unique attribute of the health resort is that its medical complex, cafeteria, club and living quarters are connected to each other by the covered passage, creating comfortable conditions for the patients in any kind of weather.   Rooms range from single, double to three bedroom apartments. Amenities include toilet, shower or bathtub, cable television, refrigerator and air conditioner.  Patients can also enjoy a movie theater, library, fitness center, swimming pool, horseback riding, excursions, billiard, fishing, walking, restaurant and bar and tours to nearby Hungary and Slovakia (passport is required).  On-site parking is available. In wintertime, Kvitka polonini offers its guests one of the best regional ski resorts in the area (200 meters from the sanatorium) including equipment rental and lifts. 

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